Don't think, Feel!!


It's not that I've never thought deeply about my life before, but this may be the first time I've thought quite so deeply.

Music, movies, and even clothes have always been things I loved and naturally incorporated into my daily life.

After living in the U.S., Australia, South Korea, and Japan, and passing the age of 30, I suddenly looked back at my life and my way of living. Then, I realized that words spoken to me by my best friend during my teenage years were still ringing in my ears.

"When you grow up, I bet you'll have your own original clothing brand at clothes stores."

"When you start your brand, be sure to save all the medium sizes for me."

Due to certain reasons, we can't meet now, but I still consider her my best friend and an important part of my family.


Of all the jobs I've had, I've been in the fashion industry the longest, but I never thought I'd be launching my own brand.

Ever since I was young, I've been interested in clothes, movies, and music. I always loved searching for the clothes worn by my favorite artists.

By my late twenties, I had favorite brands and stores that I frequented, but I felt like there wasn't a store or clothing design that really resonated with what I was looking for.

I had thought about starting my own business, but never thought about creating an apparel brand.

During my time as a student, I felt like I didn't really connect with my classmates and only sort of managed to keep relationships with friends.

Even then, my best friend was always there, listening intently and standing by my side.

I can't give a clear answer as to why I suddenly decided to start an apparel brand. But looking back, the words of my best friend and the words of a certain woman may have had a significant influence.


When I lived in Sydney, I worked in a restaurant. After work, I would often go to a pub full of locals where my friends and I would drink beer to our heart's content. One day, for the first time in a long time, I felt like buying some clothes, so I went to a VANS store and bought a cap and a coach jacket.

It wasn't that I particularly liked VANS, but for some reason I was drawn to them at that moment, so I brought them.

I wore my denim jeans sagging to the point where my underwear was visible, a style not commonly seen in Sydney, and paired it with an oversized jacket. Several people approached me to chat, and even the staff at the coffee shop I frequented daily complimented my outfit with a smile.

On the way back to my home in Rockdale, I kept checking my reflection in mirrors and felt strangely good about myself.

When I got home, I lit a cigarette, sipped my coffee, and called a friend in Japan who was a CEO of an apparel brand. I shared my mood and experiences of the day.

Jokingly, I said, "Clothes really are amazing. They made me forget about my frustrating life and lifted my spirits today."

To which he suddenly replied,

"You're onto something. Clothes have the power to make people smile, and that's truly wonderful."

"Why don't you seriously consider expressing your life through your own apparel brand?"

Normally, when faced with such a suggestion, one might be surprised, speechless, or even deny the possibility. But without thinking, the words just came out of my mouth, "I want to create my own brand."

She simply replied, "I'll support you."

In fact, the friend who said the words that became the catalyst for starting my own clothing brand, and the "certain woman" I mentioned earlier, were both this CEO.

I had originally planned to continue working in Sydney, and was debating whether to move to New York or return to Los Angeles when the time was right. But now the answer was clear.

I finished up my job in Sydney and returned to Osaka to start my own apparel brand.


After returning to Osaka, to launch my apparel brand, I first purchased a Ford car that was as robust as a tank for booth sales.

Although I had a driver's license, I had always relied on buses or trains both in Japan and abroad, so my first mission was to master driving the tank-like vehicle as a very inexperienced driver.

Also, while I had experience selling clothes and working on the finishing touches, I had never designed clothes from scratch.

However, with the cooperation of many people, including sewing factories, printing companies, embroidery factories, and fabric stores, I was able to produce my first item for sale.

Now, in Osaka, you can hear the roaring sound of the tank-like vehicle cruising the streets, and that car belongs to Laymart Park.

If you see it and let us know, we'll give you a special not-for-sale sticker.

Once the products are ready for sale, I'm working on a project that will allow everyone to actually see and touch the items before they buy them.


The phrase "Don't think, Feel!!" that I've placed at the top of this MESSAGE feels like the best words to express my true feelings.

When faced with doing something unfamiliar, people tend to overthink and worry excessively. But no matter how much you think about it, sometimes there's no answer.

After you've thought it through and gone through all the worries, all that's left is to trust yourself and take action. Having gone through many twists and turns to get to the starting line, I feel this now more than ever.


At the moment, I'm getting requests from other people in the industry and friends who want to preorder my products, but as a general rule I turn them all down.

The reason is simple: I'm not mass-producing, and I want as many people as possible to wear and experience the "Laymart Park" brand.

I've also received interview requests from online media outlets, but I'm turning all of them down as well.

This is because I want people to experience the world of Laymart Park without preconceptions. I hope that those who read this MESSAGE will wear our brand.

To all members of the media, please understand that I'll be declining interviews for a little while longer.

When I am ready for official interviews, I will either contact you directly or make an announcement on this website.

At Laymart Park, we don't want to over-promote on social media, so our updates there are minimal. However, even though we don't have any products available yet, we are diligently responding to customers who contact us directly through our inquiry form.

To all who read this MESSAGE,


please wait a little longer. Just a little longer until our products reach you all.
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